data-driven decisions
for social innovators

We provide analytics & forecasting software to philanthropic organizations, social enterprises, impact investors, and government agencies.

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Understand your social system

We model your target social system with a computer simulation, which provides insights like key drivers and trends.

evaluate your impact

We can help attribute outcomes in your social system to specific influencers, trends, and interventions.

optimize your strategy

Run "what-if" scenarios with our software to forecast outcomes of different allocations of your limited resources.



We are a team of scientists, developers, designers, and policy makers. We're bringing technology that we built for Fortune 500 companies to the world of social change.

Our mission is to foster evidence-based decision-making among organizations to improve the health of our society, economy, and planet.

“We need a solution that will be able to scale. And we need to apply state of the art models. Simpact brings both to the table.”

Jeff williams
Director, Community Data and Research Lab

“As far as my team has investigated, holistic forecasting models are currently not readily available outside the work proposed by Simpact.” 

joseph conte, PhD
Executive Director

“In Simpact, I see a promise to relieve a common and major organizational hurdle to plan for and measure social impact at scale.”

Arnaud Parent
Global Managing Director


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